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We are here to serve parents with the best transparent Education information. We want to help you to learn better education in better environment. We keep on working hard to obtain the last schools updates.

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Our mission is to create a new way for schools to optimize the communication and transparency in their educational system.

Easy-schools about


Our vision is to improve the educational system in Egypt by creating a smart platform that connect all the schools all over the country because we do believe that Technology can improve Education

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Easy Schools is the biggest school platform in Egypt. It helps the School manage all their daily work easily using our Smart application. It provides the School with Web app, student mobile app and teacher mobile app for android and ios. It also provides Parents with more than 30000 school to compare between them. Our system is always updated and customized for any school needs.


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Sam Baiker American Schools

Preparing students from the age of four through programs of character building using educational and recreational methods of student learning how to creativity Involving students in practical situations, monitoring the reactions and responses to test his/her capabilities and identify weaknesses to improve it and develop points of strengths We develop student physically through extra attention to the various types of team and individual sports We do our best to graduate complimentary student who has integrated skills We rely on our approach to training and not indoctrination Building information and experimental skills in student’s personality Train the student to interact in several cultures napping more than two languages.

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Beverly Hills Schools

Beverly Hills English Language School (BHS)prepares students to understand, contribute to, and succeed in a rapidly changing society, and make the world a better and more just place. We will ensure that our students develop both the skills a sound liberal arts education provides and the competencies essential for success and leadership in the emerging creative economy. We will also lead in generating practical and theoretical knowledge that enables people to better understand our world and improve conditions for local and global communities.

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ElQuds International School

•New El Quds International School is a co-educational school which offers American Curricular from pre-school through grade 12. •The school is accredited by Egyptian Ministry of Education and the AdvancED

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Pioneers Language Schools

PLS mission is to provide our student with a learning enviroment that will allow them to develop as independent learners with a strong of morality; culture identity and self worth and enthusiasm for life-long learning while involving parents and the community as essential partners. Pioneers Language School is dedicated to provide an instructional program that is characterized by being dynamic, developmental, challenging, stimulating and relevant to the live of our students. Academics: A commitment to scholarship, and the application of knowledge. Activities : A commitment to provide a wide range og activities that enrih and strengthen the student's total school experience. Arts : A commitment to provide instruction that promotes an appreciation for all art forms various perspectives including cultural, historical, traditional and aesthetics. Athletics : A commitment to promote physical, social and emotional development through teamwork, fair play, fitness and self-discipline.

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Gems academy Alexandria

GEMS Academy Alex. shows the best that education can offer, designed to accommodate all the subjects and developments that an excellent school requires.

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City International School

to develop committed, compassionate, and educated young leaders to go, “from Egypt to the World.” Through quality education and character development, we equip students with the necessary skills and principles to make positive contributions to the world at large.

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