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Hayah International Academy 0


South of Police Academy 5th District, New Cairo, Egypt


+(202) 25373000 , +(202) 25373333 , +(202) 29299582-4 , +(202) 29299586/7 , +(2) 01227491877

Hayah International Academy is committed to deliver to society distinguished adults who honor their cultural identity, maintain personal growth and strive for academic excellence; qualities enabling them to live with purpose, fulfill their mission in life and make a difference in a challenging global environment.

Certificate Fees Currency Unit
Don't have fees
Igcse Primary School 90000 EGP
Igcse kindergarten 82000 EGP
American diploma Primary School 90000 EGP
American diploma kindergarten 82000 EGP
IB Diploma Primary School 90000 EGP
IB Diploma kindergarten 82000 EGP

Student Type Girls , Mixed
School type International , Special education , Languages
Certificates Igcse , American diploma , IB Diploma
Languages at school Arabic , English , French , Deutsch
Education Levels High School , Middle School , Primary School , kindergarten
Other data Pools , Art activities , Sport activities , Music activities , Theater , Gymnastics , Science activities , Gardening , Stadium , International students , Foreign teachers , library , Religious courses , Bus , medical clinic

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