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EasySchools-Helwan hotel school-logo

Helwan hotel school

Helwan hotel school in Helwan

EasySchools-Rayad Al Hekma Private School-logo

Rayad Al Hekma Private School

Rayad Al Hekma Private School in Helwan

EasySchools-El Lewaa Private Mixed School-logo

El Lewaa Private Mixed School

El Lewaa Private Mixed School in Helwan

EasySchools-El Fanar Private School-logo

El Fanar Private School

El Fanar Private School in Helwan

EasySchools-Elias College-logo

Elias College

The idea of ​​establishing the Elias Language Schools came into being in 2003 with the aim of creating a new generation of our children and our children with values, religion, lofty principles and good morals, as well as the educational process that the school administration gives the greatest attention and care so that our students can get the highest grades to enable them to Join the top colleges and universities.  Since then, Masay Elias has provided all the required capabilities after all the necessary feasibility studies have been carried out, so that this work is successful with the necessary accuracy, both in the implementation of the establishment of the project itself from buildings and teaching aids to the latest of modern educational education methods and selecting the best qualified scientific and educational elements to achieve the desired goals. . With high priority given to learning foreign languages, especially English

EasySchools-Saint Mary Language School-logo

Saint Mary Language School

Saint Mary language school for girls in Helwan.

EasySchools-New Baby Garden Language School-logo

New Baby Garden Language School

New Baby Garden Language School in Helwan.

EasySchools-Elsahaba Islamic School-logo

Elsahaba Islamic School

The child is an Egyptian citizen and today's children are the future of Egypt, believing that childhood is the maker of the future Educational approach that achieves the goals of quality education, respecting the beliefs of all, the essence of self-learning and scientific research with the participation of all parties to the educational process and the owner of the real institution is the student and society and the homeland

EasySchools-El-Desouky Islamic School-logo

El-Desouky Islamic School

Dessouki School aims at improving the educational level of students and strives to keep pace with the technological development in the educational process

EasySchools-Orman Smart Language School-logo

Orman Smart Language School

Orman Smart Language School in Helwan

EasySchools-Almoslem Alsaghir School-logo

Almoslem Alsaghir School

Almoslem Alsaghir School in Helwan

EasySchools-Ibn Lokman language School-logo

Ibn Lokman language School

Ibn Lokman language School in Helwan