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EasySchools-Saint Fatima Language School-logo

Saint Fatima Language School

Our School has addressed what it sees as gaps in traditional educational systems that have arisen from an over reliance on routine based learning and memorizing to the detriment of knowledge application, analysis and evaluation. Our school offers highly praised national and international educational systems that develop young students into liberal intellectual minds ready for the rigours higher education and un-bounded career choice. The school provides your children with the best facilities, the most advanced learning systems, and teaching methodologies, thus allowing them to pursue their academic advancement at a brisk, sure-footed and self-confident pace We are equally concerned with the social development and well-being of the children along with the children’s education. Hence, we provide friendly and amicable atmosphere where students blossom into boys and girls with true thirst for learning characters.

EasySchools-Bloom Language schools-logo

Bloom Language schools

Bloom Language School is a world-class educational institution that provides an outstanding teaching and learning environment, enabling the students to reach their full potential as individuals and learners

EasySchools-Dr. nermien ismail schools-logo

Dr. nermien ismail schools

Our mission is to empower our students to utilize their potentials in a diverse and challenging world. We provide outstanding education for the mind, spirit and body using state-of-the-art methodologies while fostering intercultural awareness, and lifelong learning.

EasySchools-Cambridge Egypt School-logo

Cambridge Egypt School

The CES Mission statement is to create life-long learners, productive citizens and critical thinkers through the cooperative involvement of students, parents and educators by applying technology and implementing a challenging curriculum.

EasySchools-Cairo International School-logo

Cairo International School

Welcome to Cairo International Schools Cairo International Schools ( Arabic – Languages ) , one of East Nasr City Schools , is one of the deep-rooted private schools . It was set up by some of the best private educationalists . Its procedure was led by a firm and aware management , such an administration always cares For the leadership and supervision of Dr . Karima Abdell Kerim since 1991-1992 . That leader is qualified with a great balance in planning , accuracy in achievement with great ability to present a distinguished educational facility depending on the best qualified teachers assisted by experienced and efficient supervisors . The school also uses educational and up–to–date technology with a great tendency towards practicing activities to establish a comprehensive personality . Be confident about our sons and daughters in such schools with such great educational experience .

EasySchools-Cairo Manarat schools-logo

Cairo Manarat schools

Cairo Manarat School for Boys Arabic Languages international

EasySchools-Orman Smart Schools-logo

Orman Smart Schools

Orman Smart School aims to build generations of creative, confident, innovative and independent thinkers who are positively committed to their community. Ensuring all students have meaningful learning experiences, empowering them to succeed in an ever changing world

EasySchools-Tahya Masr Integrated Official Language School-logo

Tahya Masr Integrated Official Language School

Tahya Masr Integrated Official Language School

EasySchools-Manaret Heliopolis International School-logo

Manaret Heliopolis International School

We strive to build a consistent, challenging and safe learning environment that supports each child in exploring their full potential. Our students will be lifelong learners who will always be proud of who they are, cherish their own values and beliefs, respect differences and other cultures, whilst ready to join the world with open-mindedness, tolerance, and confidence.

EasySchools-Ibshna Preparatory School For Girls-logo

Ibshna Preparatory School For Girls

Abshna Preparatory School For Girls in Bani Souwaif

EasySchools-Al-Bawaiti Commercial Mixed School-logo

Al-Bawaiti Commercial Mixed School

Al-Bawaiti Commercial Mixed School in Bahariya Oasis

EasySchools-Imam Ali Primary School-logo

Imam Ali Primary School

Imam Ali Primary School